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Seven Failed products from Apple

Seven Failed products from Apple
Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs issued a lot of product design, but not all the acclaim. Here are 7 Apple products that failed commercially:
1. Apple III (1981)
A continuation rather than the popular Apple II computer before that. This product is focused on users bisnes and rewarded appropriately. However, the hardware can not compete. Apple losing the market to the IBM PC launched in the same year.2. Lisa (1983)
The first commercial computer with HMI exposure was sold at a price of U.S. $ 9995. However, these devices are directly immersed in the shadow of the cheaper Macintosh, launched a year later.3. NeXT Computer (1989)
Jobs are always trying to make a more sophisticated computer of its time. But like the Apple III and Lisa, these devices are also too costly to be accepted by the user at the time.4. Puck Mouse (1998)
The new iMac is the most successful major product creation Jobs in 1996. However, mouse-shaped device is too round and the user does not understand how to 'feel' and the device is difficult to use.5. Cube (2000)
Small desktop lutsinar diperkemas with plastic frame is victorious won the best fiction, but these devices are 'dusty' in the tavern kerana expensive.
In addition, this perangti not really offer advantages for Mac users. Idea comes from the creation of computer Mac Mini, Mac little more triumphant and less attractive.6. iTunes Phone (2005)
Apple's iPhone is not the first cubaan into bisnes easily transfer phone. This Syarikat Motorola have worked to make ROKR in late 2005.
As easily transfer phone, the device is not all that interesting, but as a player muzik, it is slightly below the iPod. This device is only able to accommodate up to 100 songs and the process of moving from a very old PC.7. Apple TV (2007)
Jobs then introduced Apple TV as a 'hobby'. This small box connected to a TV and a Mac. Small remote lets users play muzik and movies from your PC on the TV.

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