Saturday, 8 December 2012

Be Grounded

I use this App and Get Grounded? I do not know why? Because it true... This application, is grounded. Let here the details. What happen when we combine Grounded with Apps? I love Apps and today I want to related it with grounded.

Finding yourself distracted and caught up in your thoughts? Be Grounded lite is a free app with audio exercises to help you stay in the present when your mind is anywhere but here and now.

What's New in Version 1.2. We've added support for the IPAD. We've changed the male version to add a bit more variety. We've also added some audio instructions on how to use the app.

Grounded Teen App
Let me start by saying that I have a teen girl who is getting terrible grades and is more concerned with texting and facebook than school. Original problem right? I am in law enforcement and want my daughter to be able to get help at anytime so I am not a fan of taking her phone away but want to be able to control it.

I would love a password protected app that could block my daughter from texting during school hours or block all calls and texts from non-family while she is grounded. Maybe block web sites like facebook or selected apps on her phone.

Possibly set school days and hours. Have selected categories like:

Normal - Block Non-family, apps and websites during school and allow all other after school hours

Holiday - Allow all

Grounded - Only allow family and emergency dial or text. Block internet. Block select Apps.

This could be made as a simple app where the parent enters a code in the phone to modify status and settings or make it fancy by allowing a status change with a text from the parents phone.

What do you guys think?

I don't really feel teenagers should have smartphones anyway. They already cause headaches for keeping purity in relationships let alone keeping your teens safe. You should have a moderate monitor program on kid's smartphones all the time so they are not looking at things they're not supposed to, or even worse, those talking to strangers apps. You can use lockout programs for certain apps.

If you can get away with it, I would also advise the cheap phone.

You're Grounded iPhone App
RIIS has developed an iPhone App called You're Grounded. This simple app allows parents block Facebook, Twitter and Youtube on their wireless router at home.
The Concept


The idea for this app came to us from a client. She had joked that "grounding" her teenager and sending him to his room wasn't a true punishment. He'd rather be in his room socializing on Facebook, tweeting about his mean parents on Twitter and watching his friend's latest science-experiment-gone-wrong on YouTube.

We said, "You know you can block those sites, right?"

She knew that; but figuring out how to do it using her router's software was a task that she didn't feel confident taking on.
RIIS Results

"Hmmm...", we thought, "Non-techy parents need an easy way to manage the sites that their kids can access... there should be an app for that!"

Our team used their integration expertise and unique talents in straightforward, no-nonsense user interface design to create the easy-to-use app, You're Grounded.

It only took us a few weeks to pull it together, but the result is huge: the words "You're Grounded" will mean something again.

Now, when parents send their kids to their rooms, they can simply pop open the app, choose the sites to block and press the "You're Grounded" button.

Teens and tweens will once again be relegated to a socially disconnected bedroom where they can sit and think about what they did.
Future Versions

Future plans for You're Grounded call for more options to allow parents to block specific computers, additional websites and protocols and connect to a wider variety of routers.

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