Sunday, 21 October 2012

Spy SMS (Android App)

Spy SMS Application For Android

Worried about your kids getting involved into illegal activities?
Worried if your spouse is having extra marital affair?

Worry no more, with SPY SMS you can read target person's incoming and outgoing sms on the web without anyone's knowledge.

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1. Once you make the payment you'll be able to download the file. You have to INSTALL IT ON TARGET PHONE.

2. Now the real fun starts. The app is essentially a widget, so you won't find the app in application list. You have to bring widget on the main display screen. It's name is 'Android Service', it's kept that way in order to disguise.

3. Click on 'Start service' widget button, you'll be asked for account setup for the first time use. DON'T WORRY, THIS IS A ONE TIME STEP.

4. Put your email id, and any desired password. You'll require this email id and password in order to check the subject's messages on the web.

5. Now get out of the widget, close/delete it if you wish. The widget button's name is now changed to 'Android service'. Even if you click on the widget button now, nothing will happen, as your account is already tied up with the subject's mobile.

6. The subject might not find that some app like this is installed on his phone as it's the widget, and even if he finds it, he ain't likely to un-install it, because it looks like some system service stuff because of it's name and logo.

7. The service is running now. It will upload subject's message box once every 24 hours on the cloud.

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